Abortion-Regrets-Healings Prayer

March 16, 2019 - Videos
Abortion-Regrets-Healings Prayer

Hello, This Is The First Video I Made For
“Abortion-Regrets-Healings Prayer” (Nov. 2016)

Abortion Is Wrong. Abortion Hurt Women Life Time.

To Prepare My Life Time Gift For Jesus Christ
When I Still Have Breath On The Earth

To Feedback God’s Love = The Cross Salvation.

Why We Started The www.YouGoodMommy.Org
Personal Ministry Years Ago Was Because
Many Young Women Went Suicide.
I Can Not Do Much To Save Them All. But Only God Can.
My Job Here Is To Make More Videos To Pray With You
Through God’s Words and
Beautiful Chinese Hymns in English Subtitle.
The Scriptures Are The Bread Of Life.

Please go our site to learn more about me.
I am a 60 years old grandma now.
A business woman since 1997.
I am an ordinary Christian woman since 1991,
Nor theology degree.
Besides, English is my second language.
You Can Do Better Than I Do Here.
I welcome you to correct my English too.
I will make more videos to pray with you from California.
Let’s start now.